Our FAST TOOLING system uses technology to extrude window profiles at high speed.

Thanks to our extensive experience in designing and producing profiles for PVC windows and doors, MC Plast has excellent knowledge about calibrating water profiles using vacuum calibration tanks and calibration plates.

The ingenious idea of adapting the principle of water calibration to the creation of equipment for technical profile extrusion resulted in the FAST TOOLING series.

The system uses tanks as calibrators, inserting calibration walls to maintain the profile’s shape during cooling.

Moreover, the inside of the tank is built such as to obtain a circulation system that is reinforced by the flow of water inside the tank itself; this circuit prohibits a backwash of hot water being formed and ensures the extruded profile is cooled correctly and consistently.

Using equipment based on this principle, which calibrates profiles faster than traditional systems, guarantees excellent results in terms of size and aesthetics as well as high production capabilities.

And all this at a low price, thanks to the low number of dry calibrators used.