The testing unit at MC PLAST is similar to a small extrusion company.

The unit covers a surface area of some 800m2 and is totally detached from the production cells. Inside there are two extrusion lines (90 twin-screw extruder – 60 single-screw extruder) complete with co-extruders. We also have a closed circuit refrigeration system with a capacity of 32,000 units, 4m3 of water and 10 degrees, a drying system and thermostat equipment.

Our equipment enables us to independently test the dies made to process a myriad of types of material in order to create a range of profiles – from those weighing just a few grams per metre to large and heavy profiles – always succeeding in recreating similar extrusion conditions compatible with those used by our clients during production.

Naturally none of this would be possible were it not for our specialist testing technicians who conduct this stage both at MC Plast and, if requested, on the end client’s site.